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Tennessee Handgun Carry License
Class costs are $50 a person for groups up to 6. Couples or individual
instruction is $150 for the day. There is no regular schedule published.
Classes are held at a time to best suit your schedule. We have done Friday
evening classes and then saturday or sunday range time. Typically it is all
done on a Saturday or Sunday. You'll need to begin your application before
class with the State of Tn: TN Handgun Carry License Application
When you're done with the online application bring the confirmation number
you receive to your class.

This class will certify you to get your handgun carry license. The class is in
two parts, the first few hours we will spend covering the course material and
discussing all of the concerns and questions you might have. This will be
followed by a written test and then we hit the range . You'll need to bring at
least 50 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, and a holster if you
have one. On the range you will be graded and evaluated on marksmanship
and gun handling. Don't bring a loaded handgun to class

In order to get your license to carry, you must be eligible to purchase a handgun.
If you don't own a handgun please let us know at the time you are scheduling. If
you want to read a bit, these are my thoughts on selecting a handgun If
you've just bought a handgun but have never shot one before it would be a good
idea to get with us before the class so we can have you out for an afternoon prior
to your class. You can schedule your class 615 516 9869.
When you arrive for class, leave your gun in your car.
Please be sure your handgun is unloaded before you get to class.
We are near Portland Tennessee
Email your Questions on any of our classes
The NRA Basic Class
is $50 per person and covers very basic principles of safe
firearm handling. If you?ve just purchased a handgun, you'll
need a holster,eye and ear protection and at least a 100
rounds of ammunition. This is the perfect learning environment
for children and families with limited firearm experience.
If you're thinking of the Tn Handgun Carry Class Certification,
but aren't really comfortable with your handgun, or you have
no handgun experience this is the instruction you need prior
to the certification. We have instructors who can tailor a
class to your needs. Class size 4 max.

The Advanced Handgun Class is $100 per person and requires at least 300 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, at least 2 magazines and some endurance. You will become more proficient in your draw, grip, reloading and target acquisition. Class size is limited to 3. call 615 516 9869 Our Handgun Instructor has been certified since 2001, and shooting competitively in USPSA / IDPA and Tactical 3 Gun matches since 1996. He holds a Master Class ranking.

Email your Questions on any of our classes

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